Privacy Policy May 25, 2017

Privacy is extremely important to us and critical to the success of our services. Our efforts remain focused on Privacy and we depend on our subscribers to partner with us to ensure we stay on top of Privacy for all parties. Therefore Privacy remains our highest priority.

HOUNDOCS is owned and maintained by X-Quisite Systems, LLC. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy and any other terms stated below, please do not use our services and let us know about your concerns. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy and other terms stated below at any time, without prior notice, however we will clearly indicate such changes at the top of this page with the date of last modification.

Content Privacy

The Privacy of your content and metadata is top priority for us. We leverage technology where possible to maintain content and data integrity both while in flight and at rest. We utilize industry data transfer secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to ensure any data in flight is encrypted and difficult to intercept, steal or copy. We use industry standard encryption technology as well as encrypted password protect every piece of content stored at rest within our service, in efforts to reduce exposure and mitigate risk. Content storage is also random and cryptic which only our system can translate through backend mapping and algorithms.

In efforts to ensure compliance, we have a systematic audit sampling algorithm, that enables our Quality Assurance (QA) and Support staff the ability to review Content and Metadata. This does not mean content is copied, stored for personal reasons, screenshots, etc. You agree and comply with allowing us to take random sampling of Content to ensure compliance to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. No other human interaction occurs with your Content or Metadata without you initiating assistance, support or sales configuration assistance, at any time.

Metadata Marking Data

Metadata Marking Data is the index metadata portion of our service. This data is encrypted in flight utilizing industry standard secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, but stored at rest in a relational database system (RDBMS), separately from the content it's associated with, in plain text, for search capabilities. We offer an Encrypted field type, that when used, the data stored in this field is encrypted at rest and only visible within the Content Viewer, by authorized users only, these fields cannot be searched.

You understand our approach and importance to Content Privacy and comply with not using Content files and/or Metadata Marking Fields to store Personal Identification Information (PII), including Social Security Numbers (SSN), Credit Card Information of any kind. In doing so, your subscription account can be suspended immediately and we will notify you of the cause of suspension. You agree not to bypass these Content Privacy terms, by any means, including accept all responsibility for any Content misuse, compromise or loss.

Personal Data Collected by Us

We only collect the minimum amount of data only. We do not copy, collect or store for our purpose, any data uploaded or created by you within our services!

By visiting our websites or services, your Internet Protocol (IP) Address is captured and logged along with the date and time of the visit. If you choose to subscribe to our services, we collect your First Name, Last Name, Email Address at a minimum during the registration process. Since this is service is a pay-per-use charge model, we also collect your Credit Card information, including Name on Card, Card Number, Expiration Date, Card Code (CCV), Billing Address and Billing Zip Code. This information is not physically stored anywhere in the HOUNDOCS system or backend processes, this information is sent directly, over a secured, encrypted internet connection (SSL), to our payment processing provider of choice, which we are not required to disclose, and can change at any time within our own discretion, without prior notification. Once payment information is stored by our provider of choice, we only reference customer identification numbers when processing payments, therefore reducing risk of credit card exposure, and comply with all Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for the capture and communication of your payment information to the processor, but we do not store that information ourselves, at all, ever.

By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you indirectly agree to our payment provider of choice, Privacy Statement, as well. We encourage you to contact us to obtain a copy of their Privacy Policy for your review prior to accepting these terms and signing up for our services.

Use of Your Personal Information

We do not sell your data to anyone, period!

We log information as you visit, attempt to, or log into any of our services, for audit purposes, as well as to identify patterns of misuse, threats and mal-intent attacks. This information, directly related to your subscription user profile, aka. Email Address, will always be in direct communication for key events such as, forgotten password, change of password, account creation, payment status for services. We rely on you keeping your Email Account secure, and make the assumption communicating with your Email Address on file, is safe communication and verification of authentication. If for any reason your Email Password or Account becomes compromised and untrusted for any reason, you agree to notify us immediately to ensure we do our best to protect your account with HOUNDOCS and Privacy therewith.

Sharing your Information

We do not share your Content files or Metadata.

We offers systematic services and mechanisms for you to share your own Content and Metadata, such as Email sending from directly within the user interface, Security Roles, that enable you to grant access to an Email Address, which we do not claim any responsibility for these services, what-so-ever, under any situation. You accept all responsibility when it comes to any and all Content sharing mechanisms within the solution, so ensure you educate yourself how to use those services properly to reduce the risk of errors and issues in configuration.

Content and Data Retention

We do not delete content or data, you do, no exceptions.

We provide systematic functionality to perform Content Archiving, which makes the data no longer visible to your everyday views within the services, but the Content and Metadata remain in the backend components. We purge Content marked as Archived from our system after 90 days from the date it was marked as Archived by an authorized user with access to your content, which will be identified in the Content audit trail. Once the content is purged, it can no longer be recovered, under no amount of effort, complaint or threats. You comply and understand that in order to retain your content, you must not mark it as Archived, which means you will continue to pay for the storage month-after, until the Content is Archived and the 90 day purge has happened. You forfeit any and all legal actions, attempts to recover purged content after the 90 days has passed, beyond the content audit trail, which is retained longer than 90 days, and purged at our discretion and timing.


We continuosly work hard to keep our services safe and secure for all.

Our commitment to security is second to none. All data transfered into or out of HOUNDOCS is protected using industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption technology. Our software code is published to the Amazon AWS Cloud Platform and is protected using their state-of-the-art technology, including redundancy and disaster recovery practices. If you want more detailed information on our security measures, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Cookies and Session Identifiers

Our services require authentication and authorization, therefore, each and every request initiated to our services, including dependant requests, contain some level of authorization information. This information is stored and transfered using many different methods, including cookies, headers, url/querystring, and request/response body, however, the data used for authentication and authorization, is and always will be Encrypted using industry standard, strength Encryption mechanisms, to protect the data contained. If you disable cookies within your browser, the services will not work properly and potentially cause security risks to your content. If you have an issue with the use of cookies, you should not accept these terms and/or discontinue use of our services immediately and contact us with your concern.

Third Party Tools, Widgets, Plugins, Components, Services

We leverage many third party Tools, Widgets, Plugins, Components, and Services in order to bring you an all-in-one content management solution, web-based. This includes components that are installed on the hosting servers, external services that perform functions such as File Conversions, Payment Processing and others. By accepting these terms, you indirectly accept the terms of all the providers used to deliver the HOUNDOCS services. Some of which you can block, like Social Media Widgets, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Others you cannot, such as Google Analytics, CloudConvert, etc. Your cooperation and understanding is critical in delivering the HOUNDOCS platform, and understand we have Security and your best interest in mind, always.