Estimate pay-per-use service costs

Our subscription service is based upon a pay-per-use billing model where you only pay for what you use, no monthly per user charge with minimum user requirement, setup costs or hidden fees. "Use" is composed of the following metrics: storage, transfer and compute.

Our Free Usage Tier provides limited storage, transfer and compute absolutely free of charge every month! If you happen to exceed those limits, the more you use, the larger discount you receive.

Pay-per-Use Affordable Pricing Model

Storage is the amount of data, in bytes, that you upload to our service. Once uploaded, your billing will include the bytes until that entire document is deleted. Archived content still exists within the system for a set time length and therefore will still be billed for. Partial GB's are charged partially, not rounded up or any funky business going on here. Explore storage pricing tiers below:

Estimate Storage Pricing

GB storage (slide to adjust)

= per GB **

Compute is the amount of processing time, in minutes, that you interact with the system. Any time you interact with the system is subject to processing minutes. If you don't login and interact with your content, you don't get billed. Processing minutes are added in partial minutes and last longer than you'd expect. Compute pricing tiers are as follows:

Estimated Total Pricing

= storage + compute *
(costs are charged monthly based upon usage)