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Improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy with simple document processing and automation software. We're working hard to help innovate business process workflows and document generation.

No Costly Licensing. No Setup Time. No Large Upfront Fees. No Hassle.

Smart Storage Technology

Still using shared storage such as: Box, Google Drive, One Drive and/or DropBox for "Collaboration and Organization" of your documents?

What good is Unlimited Storage when you rely on human defined practices for storing, finding and working with your documents. Shared drives continue to be a nightmare, even in the cloud!

HOUNDOCS Smart Storage Technology allows you to create a Document Pedigree using a three-tier taxonomy for clear separation of your document types and the metadata collected for each type.

Document Pedigree Taxonomy:

  1. Company or Department: Base level to allow clear separation of Document Classification
  2. Team or Workgroup: Secondary level to further define Document Classification
  3. Document Type: Document Type represents the final level. Combining all three tiers together defines a Document Pedigree.

Smart Storage Technology

Want to know more? Check out How It Works for more information.

Document Version Control

Everything Changes for a Reason.

Version Control allows you to checkout documents for offline editing, upload and check-in revisions, assign version numbers and labels or let the system handle that for you, and revert to previous versions as necessary.

Document is locked when checked out.

Convenient Checked Out documents view.

Full Audit Trail & Notes

Peace of Mind

You can rest assured knowing that the system maintains a Full Audit Trail of your documents including when they are accessed, who accessed them, metadata edits, files attached or deleted, versioning, workflow routing, document archival and many more system level events.

User Notes can be manually added and remain with the document throughout its entire life.

Don't worry, we have you covered.

Metadata Marking Fields

Describe. Search. Retrieve.

Document metadata is a set of data which describes the document. This enables quick search and retrieval of your documents, saving you time and money!

Configurable data collection controls allow you to define unlimited metadata fields by document type.

  • 8+ simple field types
  • Inline Auto Saving
  • Audit Trail Tracking on Edits
  • Role Security for Edits
  • Enables Advanced Search

Consider your territory marked!

Your Business. Your Process. Your Success.

You know your business best. Our Workflow feature allows you to create Unlimited Lifecycles to help process your documents, your way!

Workflows enable a systematic approach to support your business process. They also ensure the right people work on the right documents at the right time.

Content Processing Workflow Lifecycle

Benefits of Workflows:

  • separation of duty
  • reduce processing errors and prevent key tasks from being missed
  • enforce business flow of content electronically
  • improve employee efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability
  • consistent data collection and entry
  • improve visibility and management
  • identify bottlenecks in the process
  • eliminate wasted time searching shared drives
  • assign documents directly to people or groups

You can teach an old document new tricks!!

Email Content Directly

Stay Connected

Conveniently send emails with your documents attached, directly from within the application. Including CC and BCC, as well as which attachments, if any, to include in your message.

A rich text editor allows you to add styling to your email messages.

Balance your Busy Life.

Built using responsive web design this software goes anywhere you go. On any device.

An internet connection is all you need. No apps to download, update or maintain. Use your favorite web-browser and you're good to go.

Benefits of Responsive Design:

  • single platform
  • document access anywhere
  • mobile approvals
  • upload documents from anywhere
  • manage your business process from any device
  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile

Go Anywhere Design
Dynamically Create Documents

Reuse. Merge. Create.

Our Document Template Technology allows you to dynamically create documents utilizing the document metadata combined with your own template.

Document Template

This technology serves multiple purposes to save you time and money.

  1. Create documents by merging the metadata and your custom template.
  2. Internally enter metadata directly into an electronic form to create new documents using your custom template.
  3. Externally invite anyone by email to enter metadata directly into an electronic form to create new documents using your custom template.

Any configured Doc Type can have unlimited document templates. The sky is the limit using your metadata to create branded: contracts, applications, letterhead, marketing, proposals, insurance claims, and many more.

Document creation made simple..

Cloud Technologies

You're Backed Up!

Our solution runs entirely on Cloud Technology. This means that your documents and data are redundant and protected in alignment with common disaster recovery plans.

Need more protection or compliance? Our solution can run in the Government Cloud. The Government Cloud supports higher security requirements, U.S. entity vetting, ITAR compliant infrastructure just to name a few.

Need more control over your environment? Our solution can also be branded and deployed for your Business.

Viewing made Simple.

We generate a preview of the document, image or video for your convenience. Larger screens show the preview side-by-side with the document details. Smaller screens show the preview as an additional details tab.

Content Preview Side-by-Side

Document Preview Information:

  • 78+ supported document extensions (e.g. pdf, doc, ppt, xls)
  • 28+ supported video extensions (e.g. avi, mov, mpeg, wmv)
  • generated on upload
  • less data used than full download
  • improved user experience
  • easier review & approval

Previews save you time and money over downloading and opening every document.

Simultaneous Document Processing

Perform common actions in bulk on multiple items that you select directly from any of the content listing views within the system.

Bulk actions are common and apply to all content types defined within the system. These actions are limited to the following functions:

  • add notes
  • archive
  • move to folder
  • start lifecycle workflow

Improve productivity and save your compute processing minutes by interacting with your content in a bulk fashion!

Bulk Action